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2009-10-07 00:42:30 by Skor

Just forget about those old news comments. Now I'll be quiet.

Damn you photobucket!

2007-10-29 01:20:02 by Skor

Hosting SWFs on photobucket is now a premium only feature, forcing me to actually use my website for my art. Damn you photobucket! Damn you and your need for money to sustain yourself!


2007-08-09 01:34:09 by Skor

I'm off to Oregon for a week of camping tomorrow(Thursday) so I won't be here for clock day. My first clock day missed for three years(my whole membership in the CC)! Happy clock day to everyone now since I won't be here, but be sure to check out the 'Fuck that' collab submitted by ToyotaClock with a part by me inside.
What will a week without the internet be like!?!